Sunday, February 18, 2018

Love Love Love

Still in love?

Well...  it doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to send a Valentines card... I guess.

Just a quick CAS card I made with leftovers from other projects... I was literally cleaning my table and made this instead of trowing away the scraps.

Have a lovely week!

Birthday Card for a Friend...

Numbers... numbers... numbers...

How old are you?
How tall?
How much do you weight?
How long have you being doing whatever?
You've been married, for how many years?
What's today's date?
What time is it?

Numbers... numbers... numbers...

Well, I admit they are important. Ok.  We are so much based in numbers and sometimes they are necessary... but I agree with this sentiment in this card.

Age and Glasses of Wine should never be counted. LOL!

I made this card for a friend... and even thought his real birth date is in a couple of days, I decided to show it here today because today happens to be National Drink Wine Day. 

I stamped several numbers in different inks and papers and fussy cut to arrange in a disorganized way...  After all I don't know the age of the recipient of this card. 

This card has some elements thinking of this friend.  The numbers not to count because he never reveals his age...  the rubber circles... (he works with rubber if we count making car wheels as that)... then the sentiment itself... (he likes wine)...  and the base where the sentiment is stamped shows some countries names (This guy loves traveling).
Inside the sentiment "HappyBirthday" is a woven sticker... I think he will appreciate it even though I didn't make it... because he loves sewing and he's very talented.

Happy Birthday friend...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Beauty Finds Its Way... let it...

Another day... another blessing...  I know I know ... It's LOVE day...  Well... that's everyday after all.  Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

Sometimes we worry too much...  we are always seeking for health, love, progress, beauty, and well being in general...   When we stop worrying, it all starts to make sense and finds its way.

This sentiment in this card refers to beauty... but I think it's not just physical beauty...  For me, it means that good finds its way...  love finds its way...  the truth finds its way...  justice, good intentions, reality...  all find their way when you let go.  So, beauty is all these things in a way.

Base of the card is white but I inked the borders to place on top another layer of cardstock which I distressed in the edges.

I stamped the line of flowers as base in the white stressed cardstock and the sentiment below at left using two colors of ink.

The bunch of flowers image was stamped three times.  The one in the middle was colored with watercolor first and then added a layer of Wink of Stella... Love the effect...  It provides kind of a glaze to the image.  When I made this card I also made a tag that I shared last week.  You can see it HERE.

The black and white flowers also have some Wink of Stella for a great opacity finish.  I really like it and hope you like it too.
Will share with Craft Stamper Magazine blog for the Anything Goes challenge, link HERE.

Continue having a great love week. :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sweet Treats

Happy Valentine's Day...
A sweet treat... chocolates... anything with love is always welcome.
This is a quick post to share some party favors made for some friends at work... from both my husband and me...
Little chocolate bars covered with stamped cardstock or patterned papers and so much love.
Hope you like them all.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Sunday to Fly... with your own wings...

Happy Sunday and thank you for stopping by.  I receive more active followers through Facebook page and Instagram, but always continue posting and documenting through the blog.

Today I am sharing a card with stamps I really like.  This little girl image is always so refreshing.  She's standing tall and ready to feel the air... or love... or simply enjoying nature and being alive.  Just love her.

I kept her dress simple colored with pencils but emphasized color and shine to her hair, adding fabulous glitter with glossy accents.

The flowers in the air can be what she's thinking, receiving or feeling.  You apply your own meaning to it.  I just stamped them with pink ink avoiding coloring afterwards.

The sentiment is also a stamp and this one particularly is part of the same kit with the girl.

I chose to frame with purple cardstock and then over pink base card to match all colors.  Sequins serve as a base for all.  Hope you like it.

I hope the card inspires you and somehow also the sentiment reminding you that you have the tools and the strength to do what you want... just loosen up.

I will share this post and card with my friends at Craft Stamper magazine since they are having an "Anything Goes" challenge...  Always trying to support the challenge and with the opportunity to win nice goodies.  Check it out HERE.

Happy Sunday my friends.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thank You Floral Tag

Happy Thursday...

Just stopping by to say hi and to share this cute little tag I made last week.  

It was made for a coworker friend who lent me something temporarily until I purchased one.  It was for about 2 to 3 days that I had this article but her gesture was really appreciated.  :)

I used corrugated carton for the base and applied inks and glitter.

I then stamped the sentiment on vellum.  The image was stamped on cardstock and colored with watercolors.  I then used a Wink of Stella to provide glitter and opacity to the image.  Love the effect.

Sequins and ribbon helped finished the piece.

Hope you like it.

I will share this with my friends at Craft Stamper Magazine. Always having something going on. Here’s the link:

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

... And we Found Gold...

Hi there my friends...

If you have followed me in my social media pages, you know I've been documenting everyday miracles and happenings all my life.  I've been recently making layouts about some things related to Hurricane Maria...  Not complaining.  I am very blessed... but still there are things I want to remember after all this mess is gone... if it happens...

Anyways...  during those months without power and water, and with lots of difficulties to find hot food or cold drinks, we found this local pizzeria in my hometown that was serving food.  

Oh my God... I don't even drink soda and I had this "Coco Rico" with my pizza and it was great.

The layout is titled "Gold"... because this food was gold for us that day.  Even though we had a little gas stove to make food, it was really good to have this pizza and with cold sodas.  It seems something less important to get hot food and cold drinks... but there's a lot of people still suffering without electricity and without resources in my beautiful Puerto Rico, and around the world.  We should give importance to what matters.  Embrace your blessings.

I used several pattered papers, wash tapes, jewels, sequins, doily, chipboard, stickers and more...  Hope you like my page.