Thursday, July 20, 2017

Because Sometimes I Don't Stamp!

Hola again. 
It's true... I sometimes make project without stamping. The truth is that I love stamping and most of my projects definitely have images and /or sentiments stamped somewhere.  Mixed Media is also inevitable most of the time.  However, sometimes I just need to do what I've got to do in a simple and fastest way possible. Not saying the attention to detail will lack or that the final result looks too simple but I can take some less time consuming activities from time to time. 

This is a simple project to showcase my boss's name. It's her birthday today and she's not usually around in the office this day because it is usually the same date an important meeting takes once a year out of town. But this year she's here... so the least I could do was making a simple banner but full of love, though. 

I also opted for the banner because her name is only 3 letters. I know!  If it was more than that I would had go for a card. LOL!

I used chipboard, cardstock, patterned paper, washi tapes, spray paint, stickers, eyelets and embossed paper.  Very simple. Hope you like it. 

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hollywood Birthday!


A friend asked for a card made specially for his uncle's 85th birthday. The theme is Hollywood. 

But... it's not Hollywood because of the glamour. It is Hollywood because of the celebration of his life movie... the story of his life..  how he has celebrated all his birthdays with family... and how he has fought against cancer. 

So it's a positive message and mood of celebration. No need to talk about the illness but about the happiness to live longer and to celebrate life. 

I used the help of Jolee's dimensional stickers and combined with stamps. 
For the double open cover I used some Tattered Angels Glimmer mist over white cardstock which was over red and then over black card base.  Combination of stickers related to movies and then several stamps from Unity Stamp Co convey the life story message. 

In the interior a limousine sticker and a powerful message from Unity:  "There is so much to celebrate-especially you-".  I love this sentiment. 

The envelope is a little larger than the card and I embellished it with several generic stamps I have around. 

Hope you like it. Bye now and don't forget to be imperfect. 

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Winners... Winners....

Wooohooo!  Let's announce some winners. 

First of all ... thank you again for such a great week. I loved to read all your comments and was very glad you enjoyed the projects.  Thank you for visiting my blog and be part of my first GIU week.  

Among those who commented in the posts, two winners have been selected.  Please send me an email at:, with your full name, and mailing address so I can provide all details for you to receive your prize from Unity Stamp Co. 

The winners are:

Darlene Kolojesko-Huttel
...... and........

Congratulations ladies and please send me that email as soon as you have a chance. 

But there's more....

Remember there will be another winner from Facebook. All who liked my page, like the posts, commented and/or share were participating for an extra bonus. Be reminded this is an extra prize separate from the ones Unity is giving. This will be sent by me. For details refer to the first GIU post where rules were explained. 

The winner from Facebook is....

Heather Miller

Please send me an email as well so I can send you the kit you've won. 

Thank you all. Please keep on following me and send me love. LOL 

Have a great week!!!!

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Layout... Beautiful Together

I guess almost everyone in Scrapbooking starts with layouts.   Card making and Mixed Media projects are probably extensions for a crafty girl who starts as a scrapbooker. Nowadays layouts are probably the least common project I make.  But I still love to do layouts about everyday situations and I always document my trips somehow (regular layouts, mini albums or regular albums with multiple pocket pages - like project life type -...). 

This layout is very simple.... but it means a lot. It's my dear husband and I in a holiday at home... just the two of us.  Having a good time all by ourselves... like we normally do. 

I enlarged the photo and made all embellishment with stamps. Even the title is stamped. Kept it simple cause the photo is already large enough to be the focus of attention.  

Hope you like it. 

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Forever In Love Spoon...

Even though I made this a week ago inspired by The Mixed Media Place, I was waiting for the Growing in Unity week to finalize before sharing this. 

It's a wooden spoon I embellished. I used several media for this project. I started covering the spoon with white gesso and then applied acrylic and spray paints. 

I also used modeling paste, metals, wood, crystals and more.  Some of them I painted or added texture. And some I just left with original color for the contrast. 

All wood veneers are from Latina Crafter... the house, the words "para siempre" (which means "forever"), and the couple.  I cut the bottom part of these to frame them.  Notice how the she is taller than the he... it's my DH and I!!!  LOL. 

I even added the wedding rings and the "&" symbol.  This is for me symbols of the togetherness and the "forever together" concept. 

So I guess you already got the meaning.  It's a forever in love message in a spoon. After all, some say love starts with food or the kitchen, right?  LOL 

After completed project I added a hanger with the same material I tied around the spoon handle ... and my DH is looking a display spot. He loves to do that. 

Hope you liked my project. Will share with The Mixed Media Place. Link here:  

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 5 - Growing In Unity - Scrapper Myra

It's Friday!!  I bet Friday is the most favorite day to most people in the world, Isn't it?

Well , this is my last post as a Growing In Unity gal.  I've enjoyed sharing my posts, showing my projects and reading all your comments.  Thank you so much for your love. 

I have to remind you  to visit all my five posts this week and leave comments in all for a chance to win stamps from Unity Stamp Co.  More information at the end of this post and in Monday's post. 

Also, I was sharing this wonderful week with veteran GIU gal Brittany Morgan... aka The Crafty Paper Bee. 
She has also shared great creations in her blog and you can also visit and comment for more chances to win.  This is the link:

For my last post I chose to share a special Mixed Media project.  As wine lovers my sommelier DH and I try lots of different wines. A while ago we bought two Magnums (magnum is the name for a 1.5L bottle of wine).   But these bottles came each in a nice kit box with a decanter... very nice presentation.  So there were these two insets with the shape of a wine bottle and the hoarder in me has saved them in her storage room (I mean my craft room). 

Anyway... long story short ... I had to make something with these inserts!!!

I cut chipboard to the size of the insert and draw the shape of the bottle. I applied gesso as base and started creating with different media. For one of the projects I used a lot of acrylic paint and modeling paste, leading with  red, yellow and white colors.  For the other one I used more plum color as main, and complemented with some blue, red and white. 

So I used stencils, modeling paste, spray and acrylic paints, pearls, chains, cork, burlap, metals, sequins, vellum , and of course....... stamps.   When finished, I framed the creations using the inserts I had used as stencils and now I ended up with two pieces that my husband want to frame and use for home decoration.  LOL!

I will share some close up pictures of different sections so you can appreciate them.  And thank you again for your comments and participation this week. Please keep following me in my blog, Facebook and Instagram. I will continue sharing my projects just for fun.  Because we learn by sharing and because this hobby is about Unity of people around the world. 

Thanks!!!  Bye... and don't forget to be imperfect. 

I am also sharing this creation and all this week with my friends at Craft Stamper magazine. There's an Anything Goes Challenge going on and am trying to participate as much as possible to collaborate with it. This is the link:

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 4 - Growing In Unity - Scrapper Myra

Happy Thursday to all. 

This is my fourth post as a Growing In Unity gal.  Remember to follow all my five posts this week and leave comments in all for a chance to win stamps from Unity Stamp Co. 

Today I will share with you a gift box I embellished. This is how the Box looked before I applied gesso and then using a stencil I created a design with modeling paste. I made sure the design didn't have conflicts with the space needed for the lid when closing the box. 

I spray painted very lightly first and then applied acrylic silver metallic paint to some spots to make them stand out. I later applied more paint until desired texture and color were achieved. 

I separately stamped the image and sentiment and applied some light color. The intention was to keep the image kind of vintage but combined with my shabby creation looks nice. I like it. Do you like it?  I hope so. 

I have to remind you.... Don't forget to comment below and in my Facebook page for an additional draw.  You'll find me as Scrapper Myra. 


A review of the GIU process and a surprise bonus:

Posts will be originated in my blog and you can visit everyday to read the post and comment.  You will want to comment  on all five posts because at the end of the week I will choose two random winners to receive 25 stamps from Unity.  

But there's more...  I will share the link in my Facebook page too.  If you like my page, and also follow the Facebook posts interacting with likes, comments and shares,  you will participate in another draw to win a kit from Unity (this one"s on me!).

Thank you again for your participation and support. 

Sneak Peek for tomorrow:
Hint:  framed

I am also sharing this creation and all this week with my friends at Craft Stamper magazine. There's an Anything Goes Challenge going on and am trying to participate as much as possible to collaborate with it. This is the link:

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